• What Blood type do I have to be in order to considered a viable candidate?

             It varies by the recipients blood type, for instance I am an A blood  type (+/- does not matter in this case), so I can match with A's and


  • How long is the recovery period?

        The recovery period for the donor: It is very common for the donor to only have a hospital stay 1 - 3 days long and a full recovery time of

           2 -4 weeks.

       The recovery period for the recipient: Hospital stay ranges from 3 -7 days, while the full recovery time may take up to 7 weeks.

  • Does life change after the transplant?

       For the donor: Not really, you can still live a long and normal life with just one functioning kidney. Though it is suggested that you 

              implement a healthy lifestyle to ensure this possibility.

      For the recipient: Yes. Better quality of life as well as life expectancy will increase. Due to the more relaxed freedom of living with a

             transplant as opposed to on Dialysis they may also be less depressed, energized, and show an over all improvement in well being.

  • How much does it cost to be a donor?

       ​Medically speaking, it depends on the recipients insurance. My insurance covers total cost of the surgery and hospital stay for the

              donor. However some insurance do have limitations and/or stipulations and could cost significantly more to the donor and recipient.

  • What is it like to be a donor? Is it possible to speak with one?

             As someone in who is on the other end (a recipient), I can't fathom what that experience is like. However I have found a few ways for

                   people to reach out to others that have been in that situation to better gain insight on what the experience is like.

           1.) Contact the Oschner Multi-organ Transplant Center to have a transplant coordinator put you in touch with someone.

                      Phone : (504) 842-3925

           2.) Contact the National Kidney Foundation's Peer Hotline or email.

                     Phone:  1-855-653-7337         Email: nkfpeers@kidney.org

           3.) Contact the Living Kidney Donors Network

                    Phone: 312-473-3772     

  •  Are there any other resources available on being a donor/recipient or coping with renal failure.

            Yes, besides from your transplant doctors and coordinator there is a wealth of information that can be found online.​

            A few sources that I found trust worthy and helpful:



        And this site which is more informative about the surgery process.

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