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Who is this guy? (4/4)

December 6, 2017

So I've stated what I thought my purpose was/might be in creating this whole blog thing. But as a person some of you might wonder who am I?



I'd be happy to share, currently I am  a college student at the University of Southern Mississippi. I am pursuing my passion in becoming a Dietitian! It's hard work and involves a tremendous amount of studying (both on and off campus). But that's not all I do there. I am also a Personal Trainer (certified, actually) which I enjoy...enjoyed?... very much. Fitness definitely is an integral part of my everyday life. Even though I myself am not (and can not) be as active as I was just only a few months ago, I still think about it all the time (watching tv, listening to people as I pass by, etc). Which I suppose it's good because once I am able to bounce back I wont be rusty and have forgotten most of what I strive  to learn about. 


Before my condition transitioned from stage 3 to 4, I was hard at work on my physique! I was hoping to even get to a point where I could do some type of amateur competition.


 Body building, Personal Training, and Nutrition aren't all that I am about though. I do have regular hobbies like playing video games (Playstation for life!), Cooking (I enjoy trying out new recipes and even trying to make them more healthy while still being tasty), and sometimes even being a mechanic or handyman or I suppose trying to fix anything I think I could handle (due to my curiosity or intrigue I suppose). R.I.P. to my toaster that broke, I tried to fix it but I was side tracked for a few weeks and lost a particular piece I needed to finish... so I destroyed it instead... maybe I enjoy demolition also lol


I also enjoy hanging out with this little one, going to the park, bounce, house, what ever it is as long as there is a good time to be had!


                     (something to pull at those heart strings 😏 )

 (Me & my daughter she's only 2, but if she understood I'm sure she would tell you what it would mean to her as well.)



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