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Renal failure & College

October 9, 2018

It's the start of the school year. Ok well, the school year actually started a little over a month ago. Dealing with CKD (especially renal failure) and going to college can be challenging. 


Last fall semester is when I received the news that my kidney function was getting to a low enough point to where dialysis would be encroaching. At that point I decided to take some time off and allow myself to deal with my current situation and come to better terms with the conditions that goes along with low kidney function. Originally I had hoped that I would find a willing living donor and be back at school in time for spring (long story short it didn't happen that way).


After my time off (and trying to promote my need for a transplant), I decided it was time to get back in school. Not only would this help me be productive (instead of just sulking around), I'm back on track in order to finish and get into my career field.


It's not easy ladies and gentlemen, the brain fog/forgetfulness and school don't mesh; the inability to focus at times doesn't go well with school; Apathy and other conditions that come along with CKD are all a lot to over come. I see other students as they go along their day and seem to look over something in the last minutes and get a good grade. 

I've never been that great at doing that in the first place, but my condition I believe is challenging me to be a better student than in the past. Dealing with all these conditions makes me study more often and go over materials more often (to make sure I understand and don't forget). 


So far the fall semester is off to a great start academic wise (lowest midterm being a 'B'). Physically and emotionally speaking it's rough. I push myself through by reminding myself, I'm doing something today to make my life better "tomorrow" (and have a daughter who is proud in the fact that her dad has over come this). 

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