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Fall Wrap Up 2018

December 9, 2018

I made it! It was a long tough semester, one that tried to brake me into submission, with all my current adversities. Yet I became stronger, I pushed through and didn't submit.


My unofficial grades this semester is all A's, I doubt that this will change, its just that "officially" grades aren't posted till the 13th. I've just done the math so I can celebrate early. Ha! Yeah! 


  It was a tough semester though, my kidney function continues to decline. During the last couple weeks of this semester my kidney function has declined to the point were swelling had become uncontrollable. During the morning my face would be so swollen, and as the day went on my lower half (legs and feet) have the most swelling. Towards the end of the day the pressure (of the swelling) becomes so much, I just need to lay down.


 Now that I have about a month and a half for a winter break. My focus will shift to sending my message out there to find a kidney again and work on writing some more articles. So stay tuned...

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