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My Journey to P.D.

April 22, 2019

I've recently entered a new journey of my life. New experiences can be daunting and nerve racking, they may even lead to anger or depression. The key is learning to cope with the situation, recognizing the reality of the situation and accepting your fate can go a long way with dealing with this new found path.

Feburary 25th 2019, a few days after my birthday how about that😒, is day I went into surgery for P.D. 


Now, P.D. doesn't stand for what you may be thinking (or my clickbait of a pic😁😅) rather P.D. stands for Peritoneum Dialysis.

This dialysis uses a catheter that is placed through the stomach to be performed.

    (This was about 4 days after surgery)


I was hoping to get a preemptive transplant, that is to say a transplant before the need of dialysis. However things just didn't go according to plan, but when do they? 


Two weeks after surgery, when most of the healing should be done, I then had to do an intensive week training in-center/clinic. This would also be a nerve wrecking experience as the risk of infection and hospitalization is high with this type of dialysis if things don't go according to plan. Every day there was material to be learned, test to take, and a demo to be performed (you had to show competence in setting up and hooking up the machine).

(One of these a day along with one test a day).


By weeks end I was still not confident, the nurses were but I surely was not!

               (Hooking myself up 🙈)


It's been over a month now and I'll say with confidence I'm finally ok with the sum of it. I know my procedures and follow them, nothing bad has happened, and I've tried to come to terms with my new situation (while still having hope for a transplant).

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April 22, 2019

April 22, 2019

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